The greatest version of Jingle Bells you will ever hear/see

November 29, 2013

With December only a couple of days away, we think it’s time you got into the Christmas spirit, and what better way than with a nice Christmas song?

As Christmas adverts go, we’ve got some great ones that hit our screens here in the UK (Coca-Cola, John Lewis) and some truly awful ones (Iceland, Morrisons) but after watching Kmart’s festive offering, the US have got us beat.

You know an advert is going to be good when it is branded “controversial”, “tasteless” and “vulgar”, so we knew that we were going to love it even before we realised it featured men in boxer shorts wiggling their bits to music.

And so, our early Christmas gift to you: the Kmart “Show Your Joe” advert. You’re very welcome.

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