Six reasons he’s not asking you out

June 2, 2015

Do you know what the only thing harder than getting a first date is? Getting a second date.

Whether you’re an old fashioned chick who wants the guy to do the asking or you’re just so scared he’ll say no that you daren’t ask him out, it doesn’t matter if it’s a first, second or third date – getting the guy to actually ask you out without the art of telepathy can be tough.

So you’re sitting pretty, waiting, but he’s just not asking… why? I’ll be it’s one of the following reasons…

He’s waiting on someone else

Uh-oh. This guy is technically interested in you, but he’s spinning a few plates and you might not be the one with the prettiest pattern on. So he’s waiting on a “better” option, and if that one falls through then maybe, just maybe, you’re his girl. Then he’ll ask.

He doesn’t want a relationship

He’s happy to touch your butt, but he doesn’t want a relationship with you. Asking you on a date is way too much like a relationship, so if you do meet up, it will be a hook-up only type scenario – watch out for that.

He’s scared

You’re too scared to ask him on a date in case he’s not interested? Well, guess what? He’s too scared to ask you in case you’re not interested. So it might be time to drop a subtle hint here and there.

You’re giving out mixed messages

Are you being overly keen, freaking out because you’re being overly keen and then playing it super cool? Are you trying to seem like you’re not bothered so he tries even harder? Any game playing will confuse the poor boy, so stop it.

He’s only interested ish

He’s interested in you… but not that much. So he would like to see you again, but not enough to arrange it. He’s happily still flirting away with you, but not really to an end.

He doesn’t want to

It’s the most obvious reason that you don’t want to be true but, sorry doll, it could be: he doesn’t want to go out with you. For whatever reason you did not hit it off, so he’s cutting his losses. So that’s that. He’s not asking because he doesn’t want to.

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