My love affair with Berlin

October 2, 2013

So, after being off work for a week and spending four days in the wonderful city that is Berlin I was once again thrown into the every changing world of being a freelance journalist, and was introduced to OverBlog by a colleague (thanks Donna!).

The spare three days I had off gave me time to think about my Berlin adventure and made me think about why I’m so desperate to go back, so I will now bore you with this list, as my parents and peers have had to listen to it since I got back.

1. It’s a city that has gone through so much, yet is so welcoming. From the First World War, to the Berlin Wall and The Iron Curtain, Berlin is a city that has so much to offer from the outset!

2. The transport is extremely efficient, and that is a great thing. Coming for the United Kingdom, my boyfriend and I are all too familiar with transport which is never on time, be it late or early, and let’s face it, we had set ourselves up for train delays, but there were none! Thank God!

3. It may be reunited, but the east and the west are still, to me, two very different places, and we had the most amazing time exploring them. We stayed in Alexanderplatz, on the former east side of the wall, it was amazing. It was a strange mix of Soviet buildings and amazing 17th Century architecture. I have never seen anything like it. The former west half of the city is filled with plush boulevards that look very similar to that of Paris.

4. The museums are amazing. I am a museum buff, I love them, I love reading every single plaque which has been placed beside every artefact. We went to Check Point Charlie (12.50 euro) a must if like me you are interested in the Berlin Wall, the Topography of Terror (Free) which is the former headquarters of the SS/SA, the Holocaust Memorial, or as it’s called The Memorial in Honour of the Murdered Jews and the small museum underneath it (Free), the Pergamon Museum (12 euro) and the Berlin Cathedral (7 euro). We also took a bus tour (15 euro each). All of these are a must as the bus tour takes you to all the major stops and points which Berlin has to offer.

5. Everything is so close, yet so far. On a map everything looks like it is close. It is not. We were fooled into thinking this, we did manage to walk from Alex to Fredrichstrasse though, I’m still not sure how we managed that either! We also walked the whole of Schönhauser Allee to find the amazing White Trash.

6. The food is amazing and very cheap! We only ate in a proper restaurant once, and it was the Hard Rock Cafe, because after a full day on street stomping you get hungry. But, if you are going to Berlin on a budget, there are plenty of street-food places which are delicious and offer everything from plain Bratwurst to Frickidelen and Currywurst. And the beer is equally as reasonably priced and tasty! If you go to a club such as the aforementioned Mecca that is White Trash, you will pay a little more, but it’s worth it!

7. Berliners like to party – seriously party – with most places not kicking things off until around midnight, and lasting until around 7am the next day. This is the European city that never sleeps, and if you go you should try and experience it at least once. Just don’t do what we did and party until 1am when you have to be up at eight the next morning to catch a flight.

So, hopefully these are enough reasons for you to go and visit Berlin. It has everything that you could want and is steeped in history. It is, in my very humble twentysomething opinion, the best capital city Europe has to offer and I can’t want to go back and visit it, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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