Spectacularly brutal fashion feedback from older relatives (that was actually pretty useful to me)

June 25, 2015

So there’s a sort of running joke in my family that I dress like a hooker. You get that in families, don’t you? Everyone ganging up on one person to tease them relentlessly about one thing. It’s all in the name of love though, it’s never anything actually hurtful…

Game of Thrones star Natalia Tena’s style secrets

March 21, 2014

When I quizzed Natalia Tena about her sense of style, she laughed manically, reminding me that she wears a lobster on her head on stage.

Primark joins the toxic-free trend

March 6, 2014

British retail giant Primark today joined the growing number of brands committing to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from its supply chain as part of Greenpeace’s global Detox campaign. [1]