Cougars love Novak Djokovic

July 1, 2013

Novak Djokovic is the Wimbledon favourite say female members in a new poll – and though Federer may have been knocked out of the competition, he still beats Murray. CougarLife is the leading dating site for confident women in their sexual prime who love dating younger men.

Cougar Life’s members were asked: Which men’s singles player would you most like to hook up with? The result was a grand slam for 26-year-old Novak Djokovic with 55.2% of the votes as the sport’s most desirable date amongst the tanned tennis bodies and jet-set lifestyle of the circuit.

Rated world number one, it’s not surprising that Djokovic comes out top with his dark good looks, athletic physique and reputation for doing the splits. ‘The Serbian has won 6 grand slams and some pundits call him the greatest player of all time; he certainly has the winning advantage with Britain’s Cougars,’ says Marlo Jordan, Miss CougarLife.

Below are the results of the poll: Which men’s singles player would you most like to hook up with?

1. Novak Djokovic 55.2%

2. Roger Federer 32.3%

3. Andy Murray 12.5%

Roger Federer’s cool Swiss charm and sartorial elegance put him in second place with 32.3% of the Cougar vote. ‘With 17 singles titles – more than any player in history – 31 year old Federer is a gentleman and true sportsman, qualities that are clearly appreciated by Cougar women looking for tennis fun and games,’ says Marlo Jordan. ‘With his austere manner, too-present mother and sobbing at the Olympics, Andy Murray is not known for being hot, so he should take heart from his third place and 12.5% of the vote. Perhaps the shy 26 year old Scot’s lanky-limbed style make Cougars want to nurture him, or do they think gorgeous Kim Sears has taught him some new tricks?’

As for the Spanish heart-throb, Rafael Nadal doesn’t make it into the top three for Cougars. Going out in the first round at this year’s Wimbledon championships as well, it really isn’t his lucky week.

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