Buy your dad a decent Father’s Day gift or he’ll cheat on your mum

June 14, 2013

You make him breakfast in bed, write him a heartfelt card and spend hours picking out and wrapping his present, and what does your dad do? He has an affair!

Ok, so not all dads are going to wake up on Monday morning and decide they need a little excitement in their lives, but according to new statistics the Monday after Father’s Day is the day when the largest number of philandering men sign up to, the world’s leading married dating site. Last year, Ashley Madison registered a 291% increase in new male members with 1,435 joining the social network on that day.

Noel Biderman, founder of the dating site designed for people already in relationships, says: ‘There’s a reason for this massive increase in sign-ups immediately after Father’s Day. Fathers look forward to the one day they are expecting to be placed on a pedestal and shown the family’s appreciation for their hard work. When the day does not meet their expectations, they find themselves facing the same outcome as every other day – no sex and no appreciation. This feeling of disenchantment with family life drives them to our site.’

Biderman adds, ‘79.7% of our philandering male members are fathers. Our data shows that they fall into two clear-cut groups: Married men with young children at the four year mark (29.5%) and those over 50 experiencing empty nest syndrome (42.8%).’

So just keep that in mind if you’re half-heartedly picking out a present last minute on Saturday night.

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